New Tat!

Nov. 13th, 2010 05:15 pm
Clicky to see it since I seem to be photobucket illiterate at the moment )

They don't look even, but they are. My hands weren't even. Excuse the red swollen-ness...

Also, Little Human had a blast at the party =)

{EDIT} HOLY CRAP THAT'S HUUUUUGE!!! I edited it smaller, I dunno why it refuses to show up that way =(
Well, I took my GED. I am pretty sure that I passed. I'm not quite sure how I couldn't, but we'll see. I still have to take my accuplacer. I have to talk to Financial Aid, since when I filled it all out, I didn't think I wanted to take loans. The recurring car issue has convinced me otherwise :/

Luckily I discovered today that I am eligible for early registration, so I will hopefully be able to take the classes I want to take and not just the ones that have openings. I know there will be some prerequisites, but I think I should at least have one class that will be something I want to take.

I am getting a new tattoo tomorrow. It's my *I acted like a mother fucking adult this week* - see icon - present to myself. I will post pics. This is the one that [ profile] sativadivinorum will be proud of. Now if only she was around to see it...

Little human is also attending his first classmate birthday party tomorrow. He should enjoy that. I just need to pick up a gift for her.

Otherwise, all is well-ish. How are my peeps???


May. 29th, 2010 08:51 pm
[ profile] sativadivinorum will be so proud of my newest tattoo idea. I, hopefully, will be able to get it sooner rather than later since it's text and smallish...


Oct. 28th, 2009 09:49 pm
This is all musing. I have no money so it isn't happening anytime soon.

I have for some reason gotten it into my head that the lone rose tattoo on my left arm would make a fantastic start to a half sleeve of all the flowers growing in my garden. I hadn't really contemplated a half sleeve, but now it is stuck there. Then I realize that being lopsided now (there isn't anything on my right arm) bugs me and I would eventually end up with a half sleeve on the right, too. I want to stick to stuff I can cover up when I need to so it would have to be half sleeve. Hrm.

I already have a bunch in my head that I am definitely getting )


Dec. 17th, 2008 05:45 pm
I was just looking at tattoos done by a local shop, that shall remain nameless. They have a cover-up on the site that is bugging me because you can still see the original work underneath it. They claim it is completely done, but I would be pissed if it was my cover-up.

{EDIT} Little Human hums along with the theme to Two and a Half Men. I think this is cute, but a little disturbing as well...
Does anyone know if Coronado Center has a rule against visible tattoos for people employed there? [ profile] elegantdreams isn't sure, and I can't find anything.
You know what really fucking irritates me? It's when customers at work seem to think that because I have a tattoo and am at work, that I should also have no personal space.If they can see it peeking out of the sleeve of my tee, they just grab onto my arm and pull up the sleeve to my shirt to look at it.Do they ask if they can look, or if I mind them invading my personal space? No. They just do it. And then they *ALWAYS* ask when I'm gonna get it colored. "Well, you know, not that it was any of your business to begin with, but, um, never." Then they look all shocked that I'm not going to. It's like, "Well, gee, I'm sorry that you had to go through so much trouble to see it and then it was such a let down. You know, if you want to see color, why don't you get your OWN????"
I have almost never had someone do that to me outside of work (except maybe at the club). Do they think that because they are buying one stupid brush, that entitles them to touch me? When i'm not at work and someone wants to see my tattoo, THEY ASK. Like normal, considerate human beings. They don't just start to grope me. If I wasn't at work some of these people would end up being in a lot of pain if they touched me. The guy today (that incidentally started this rant) actually stood there and fondled my arm! I was in a corner, so I couldn't get away. I thought about punching him in the gut (or lower), but alas, I was at work!

Anyway, sorry to rant. I love you all A ton!



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