Apr. 15th, 2010

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I found this and because of the person doing it, I thought of [livejournal.com profile] sativadivinorum


Apr. 15th, 2010 10:25 pm
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I do believe that I will start doing yoga again tomorrow. It's difficult to do with the Little Human here. I like spending as much time with him as possible when he is here. He, however wants me to spend time with him on his terms. Yoga is not part of his terms.

I miss yoga. I miss not having headaches and my back not hurting. I miss being a little bit taller and being stronger. I miss having some extra energy. I just need to get back into it.

I also need to start using my wii fit more. That's another of those not part of LH's terms. I am so overweight and unhealthy right now. It's just too much for me anymore.

I know a lot of it is that I am depressed. I know I am. When I am depressed, I eat. I also get sick all the time. I just get out of sync with myself. This isn't working for me, and I know it isn't working for anyone else in this house either.

I think I want to get a mountain bike this year, too. Jonathan has a bike and we could get one of those carriages to drag Dubs around in. I also think we might get into one of the pools (OH NO... BATHING SUIT SHOPPING...AAAAAAAAAAAAAA).

And I have to get the altar set up in this house, somewhere. Where I really want it to be, isn't going to work as a permanent altar. I'll have to make it a set up as needed altar, since I want it in the living room next to the big sliding glass doors. The living room is of course where Dubs spends all of his time. I am going to make an outdoor one, but I can't use that all the time. Eh, big plans...



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