I should have done this yesterday, but with all of the yummy food I was making, I didn't have any time!

I am Thankful for...

1.My beautiful, healthy, usually happy baby boy.
2.Having my mom well this year.
3.Having family that was willing to reach out to me, Including my Dad (even when I wasn't sure about it)
4.Having friends that are trying to reach out to me. I am just too frazzled to deal sometimes.
5.Having a home that, while not perfect, is slowly getting there.
6.Not struggling as much to make ends meet.
7.My pets. They make me nuts sometimes, but I love them anyway.
8.Jonathan's mom. She has made life so much easier for us.
9.A fully operational kitchen/laundry area. This is better left unexplained.
10. Jonathan. I have been neglecting him, and treating him like shit. He refuses to go away (thank God). I don't deserve him by any stretch of the imagination. One of these days I am scared he will realize this.

On another note, a few months ago, I posted about putting Random to sleep. I also said in that post that I had to find a new home for our Cleo. We have decided to keep our Big Pretty Puppy. She and mom's dog get along really well, and I can't see getting rid of her. We discovered that a lot of the problem stemmed from having two large dogs. Now that we have one smaller dog and Cleo, it has become much easier. Now, if I can only get her to sit still long enough to really brush her, it'll be perfect!


Nov. 25th, 2005 06:08 pm
I almost forgot one of the other things that happened during Thanksgiving. There was this wine. I don't know if they fermented it in old tires, or what, but it left this horrifying aftertaste. Something like rubberized latex (Yes, i would know what that tastes like, *ahem*)
I mean this shit was bad, and no matter what you ate or drank after, the taste kept coming back. ICK!!!
Note to people I love : DO NOT DRINK WINE MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA!!!!


Nov. 24th, 2005 08:26 pm
Went to dinner at the Hoffman's. It was nice. I made a pumpkin cheesecake, that I unfortunately did not get to enjoy. It hadn't cooled enough by the time I left. I was a little skeptical that it was okay anyway, but I left the recipe here, so it was all done by memory. Those of you who know and love me will know how bad it must have come out, just by that sentence!
I have also met *The Next Generation*!! The Hoffman's 9 year old son was stripped half naked and letting another little girl (somewhere between 10 and 12) whip him. Not only was he allowing this, but he was having someone else tape it being done. I dunno. It was funny to watch though!!
I have the sweetest phone message saved on my voice mail, form Jonathan. He called very late last night, right before he drove out of the state. He also called me this morning when he got there. I didn't catch it that time, but I called him back (sorry i wasn't more talkative, Love. I was awfully sleepy). I then got the nicest (private) post from him on LJ, after I was more awake. Very nice, and I appreciated it.

I hope to sleep better tonight. I would sleep great, if I could quit coughing long enough. Luckily, I do know that this shit is going away. No pneumonia for me thanks!!!
I hope everyone else is having a good Turkey Day. I love you all LOTS and LOTS.

The thing I am most thankful for: Having great friends that love me. Thank you!
I am going to Placitas (if I can get my ass in gear), and having Turkey with the Hoffmans. That sounds like a bad movie, doesn't it?
Now to add to the confusion to many people here, I thought that I wasn't really all that *into* the man I was dating. Many of you know that (some of you don't, and for those, yes, He did know)
The past week has made me re-evaluate my feelings on some pretty deep levels. I have thought about what I *thought* I wanted, and really looked hard at my past. I have come to the conclusion that I am just not right!
I realized after he called me on Tuesday, and said he couldn't pick me up because he was at the hospital, that I do indeed love him, more than I thought capable.
In the end, I am thankful to have my friends, my family, a roof over my head (that eventually I will be happy with), and a Boyfriend that I love and who in return loves me (no matter how fucked up I truly am).

**Happy Thanksgiving**

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