I kind of fell off the planet for a little while. This year has started out odd. I was really stressing my birthday this year, and so it became this huge mess and I spent the entire weekend crying. I can't even precisely say what went wrong. I think this age was stressing me, which is bizarre since last year was what is considered a "milestone" year.

I think part of it was also that I was starting school the Monday after that weekend. I was very stressed about this, but for the most part it has been fairly simple. I am currently at over 100% scores in all of my classes, which is super awesome. I am really loving being back at school. I forgot how much I really enjoyed it. This week was a bit odd because I caught a cold from somewhere and I had to call into the only class I am currently taking on campus. I'm 3 sections ahead in that class already and the teacher was okay with me not being there.

Things here at the house are okay, for the most part. It's a difficult situation, but we are managing. I feel a little sad about certain things that could not be dealt with before it got to this point. I was feeling a little resentful about it, and honestly, I probably still do, but I am fully aware that it isn't helping anything and that I need to just let it go.

Otherwise, life is not currently kicking my ass. I hope it stays this way for a while.


Nov. 20th, 2010 05:46 pm
Passed my GED with flying colors. Passed that accuplacer with at least decently flying colors and I don't have to take any of the remedial classes.

I am all set to register for classes on Monday morning. It looks like I will only have one class that I will have to leave my house for, lol. I am so lazy.

I also got all financial aid stuff figured out, so I should be able to buy a halfway decent car to get me to and from school.

Well, I took my GED. I am pretty sure that I passed. I'm not quite sure how I couldn't, but we'll see. I still have to take my accuplacer. I have to talk to Financial Aid, since when I filled it all out, I didn't think I wanted to take loans. The recurring car issue has convinced me otherwise :/

Luckily I discovered today that I am eligible for early registration, so I will hopefully be able to take the classes I want to take and not just the ones that have openings. I know there will be some prerequisites, but I think I should at least have one class that will be something I want to take.

I am getting a new tattoo tomorrow. It's my *I acted like a mother fucking adult this week* - see icon - present to myself. I will post pics. This is the one that [livejournal.com profile] sativadivinorum will be proud of. Now if only she was around to see it...

Little human is also attending his first classmate birthday party tomorrow. He should enjoy that. I just need to pick up a gift for her.

Otherwise, all is well-ish. How are my peeps???


Oct. 26th, 2010 11:37 pm
Got registered for my GED. They are recommending that I take the accuplacer ASAP, so that if I don't get the GED results before registration begins, I can still register and qualify for financial aid. Oddly, I am not nearly as worried about the accuplacer as I am about the GED, though I will need to brush up on my math skillz for both.

I think I will also need to take out at least one student loan, as much as I really don't want to. I need a car that is more dependable than the one I bought in April, plus, I just really don't like the car. It was my fault that I ended up with that one, but we had such a limited budget. The student loan would be double the budget I had in April, so that should leave me a nice little sum to get something that can make it into Albuquerque on a regular basis and that I enjoy driving. Life is too short to drive a car you don't like.
I just got the grade back for my final project in the Interior Decorating class...


Which leaves my final grade at:

(drum roll, please)


I am now a Certified Interior Decorator!

*that damn B dropped me down, but a 97 is nothing to turn my nose up at.

*I also have no idea why it is refusing to center properly. I don't care...
pandorablue: (bloodroses)
This week has been difficult. Actually the last two weeks have been difficult.

I have come to the decision that I need to try to make this work. This is going be confusing to some people, but I had a really hard time justifying staying in my relationship with Jonathan this week. I realized that I at least had to try. I stopped trying a while ago, and that wasn't fair to anyone.

My best friend, J, from high school, changed his mind and decided that, yes, he can have part and be happy with that. I appreciate that from him because he helped form me into who I am, but I can't toss out the last 3 years in order to relive my youth (I sound so old).

I signed up for a correspondence course this week. It's for interior decorating, but I do plan on getting the associates in Interior Design. I thought this got my foot in the door. And at least I am doing something

I also started taking more supplements to go with my regular multivitamin and calcium. Omega 3, vit. c, vit. e, ginseng, cinnamon, b-complex. I am already feeling more energetic (well I would be if I hadn't woken up at 6 this morning for no reason), and maybe this will help me out of my funk.

That's it I guess.
I haven't posted lately and thought now would be a good time. We got our family photos back, which I will post in the next few days. Mostly I have been being a bum. I did manage to figure out what I am doing with my life. I am going to be an interior designer. It sounds kinda hokey, but I think it is something I will be good at! Of course this is easier said than done. It will require taking courses at CNM and then transferring them to Santa Fe Community College. Which also means that I will have to go to Santa Fe on a regular basis. SFCC is the only school in the state that offers the degree in it (which means that if I ever want to sit for the NCIDQ, I have to go there).
Good news is that Darby should be old enough then, that I won't have to be worrying about mom having him for longer periods of time. If I need it SFCC has a really good childcare center, which, unlike CNM, takes them as young as 5 weeks (CNM won't take kidlets under 3 years). Oddly enough, Mom's psychiatrist is also trying to find childcare that is low income based (how about NO income). I hate the idea of daycare. Too many variables involved. It may be a necessity though.
I am just so excited about this. It has taken me forever to realize what I wanted to do. I thought teaching, but I have met too many teachers that are just being abused by APS. It dawned on me that APS doesn't want teacher that want to teach. They want teachers willing to follow a set protocol and make little drones. I would want to be a fun teacher. They wouldn't like me...
Aside from that, I am getting antsy about not doing health related activities. I want to start yoga again, and I need to start exercising again. I am beginning to gain weight. I went back to pre-preggers weight right after Dubs was born. Now, not so much... I also think it would help with the carrying around of the 12 lb. baby.
He's getting so big, and I don't want him to! I want him to stay tiny and cute, and all of the things that babies are. I know he'll stay cute, but how can he stay this cute? If he got any cuter I wouldn't be able to stand it!
Anyway, that's it. There will be a closer to Christmas post. Love you!


Jan. 1st, 2006 03:01 pm
I want to take this course through UNM continuing ed. It's on Tuesday nights and starts at 5:30. I guess I'll have to talk to the upper eschelon to find out if I can take half hour lunches for 6 weeks and leave a half hour early. It's a car class, and now that I actually have one of those, it might be nice to know what to do with it on occasion (especially if he decides to act up). I really REALLY want to do this. GAH!
Love you all, LOTS AND LOTS!

BTW, had an awesome New Years with [livejournal.com profile] elegantdreams, R, and her assorted family units. *mmmmm,fried mushrooms,mmmmmmmmmmmm!*

{EDIT} I forgot. [livejournal.com profile] ohno_jonathan_o was with us at the assorted gathering mentioned above! GAH! I'm sorry love! *looks ashamed*



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