Let's see, it has been a bit of a busy week.

We have a shed on the way, since I cannot go forward with organization unless I have somewhere to put the stuff we don't need right now (Christmas tree, holiday ornaments, bizarre decorative stuff that I will want to put out, but currently don't have room for).

I put one of the dressers together (Jonathan's). He kept trying to tell me that he didn't need one. Now that he has it, he doesn't think he will need more than 4 of the drawers, so I can use the others for sheets. Nope, he didn't need it... :P

I still have to get the other dresser put together, but after this morning, I don't have the energy.

I spent all of this morning getting the herb/tomato bed finished. I built the bulk of it yesterday, but had a few tweaks I wanted to make this morning. I also had to till the dirt and mix in the organic soil and manure. I think I may mulch for right now using newspaper.

I got the tomato planted (FINALLY). We have one tiny ripe tomato that mom is trying to figure out how we slice it for four people. There are a ton of other tomatoes on the vine, though. I still have to run the trellis thing that I am doing for it. That isn't happening right now.

Got all of our viney things trained onto the fence. Mom got the drip irrigation system in and working! This yard is going to be lovely next year when it starts to fill out. Looks like we may get some rain tonight!
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Today was Little Human's 2nd Birthday. He got some nifty little toys. He got a pirate ship, a little garage with a car, a xylophone, and a child sized broom and dustpan (he loves to wander around with the adult versions, and he seemed to like them). Odd child...

I also made some rainbow colored cupcakes with buttercream frosting. These were tasty. He didn't seem all that excited about them, but did eat the frosting. I will be posting pictures of the yummy cupcakes.

Other than that, we didn't do much. We went to Jericho Nursery and bought oodles of plants. I highly recommend them. The staff is almost all from Rowland's. They were helpful and just plain nice people.

I believe it is time for bed now.

Oh, does anyone know where I can locally find the rubber gaskets for wire sealing jars and canisters (Like these)? I have a bunch of them that I want to use for storing dry goods, but the seals need to be replaced! I have found and will order them online if I have to, but I would like to find try to find them locally first.


Aug. 7th, 2009 06:57 pm
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I was supposed to go to [livejournal.com profile] elegantdreams art opening tonight. She has a fantastic new painting. I was able to see it before it was finished, but we aren't feeling so well around here, so I can't go to the opening.

Instead I am at home feeling icky (tummy), I have a bit of a sunburn, and am making plum freezer jam. I didn't have the energy to get the canning equipment to do it properly, nor do I have the room to do it properly with the kitchen in it's current state. I'll probably have to take up canning next year, once the garden is all set up properly. That wasn't happening this week though! =)

Discovered that a bunch of wood in the backyard will work perfectly to start the herb beds in. We got a Honeysuckle, Mexican Sage, Trumpet Vine, and some Vinca planted today. Still didn't get to the tomato plant, but I will do that tomorrow or Sunday (I hope).


Aug. 6th, 2009 10:14 pm
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Bagel + cream cheese + lox = LOVE!
I had forgotten this. OMG, I want another! I won't do that though.

Tomorrow, I start on the garden bed that goes out front. I have to plant that poor tomato plant in real dirt, before I kill it off. The bed it is going in will end up being mostly herbs, but I think a tomato plant mixed in won't be too bad. I also have to find some thin wood for making my own garden tags. I have a wood-burning tool, might as well put it to use =)

Started gathering the stuff to make the garden journal, but realized that the awesome paper I bought especially for this is still at the old house. *sigh* I made the paper for the last one, but when I still worked at the art store, we got this nifty paper in, and I couldn't resist!

I will probably post the results of the bed building, the tag making, and the garden journal making when I am done.

Also, go look at my last post and please vote on the poll. Not having a name for this house is making me crazy!


Mar. 15th, 2008 09:07 pm
Yay for playing in the dirt. i got out all of the cement/cinderblock oddness that was living in my front yard (Thanks in large part, to Jonathan). Now I can get it all leveled out for the pavers that we want. I need to finish getting the yard raked up and tilled so that I can plant those roses. They are taking over my kitchen, and one of them is a very excited climber. I'll get upset if I can't use my kitchen sink anymore!
Oh, and question: I am looking for a leaf rake, but that isn't as flexible as the average leaf rake... anyone know of a good one?


Apr. 23rd, 2007 06:24 pm
I made a compost bin out of a cheap Wally world trash can today. It's kinda sad that with all of this time off, that is all I accomplished, but hey, at least it's something. I am making a second one next weekend.
Oh, and I finally took my recycling. It has been sitting in my vestibule for a while collecting dust. Now it will go somewhere and become something else!
It is good to feel as if you are doing *something*.

I am also hoping to get the beds for my herb garden started in the near future. I won't be planting this year, I think, but I at least want to get the beds started. Next year it will be more difficult for me to make time for it I am thinking...
I have also decided that [livejournal.com profile] ohno_jonathan_o will need to come over and help me weed my yard. I have soooooo many weeds.
I had a slight breakdown at the midwife's office today. It was a freak out over the house, my mom, the baby... pretty much everything important in my life right now. I will be okay, and I am not nearly as depressed as I had been. Just a little stressed.

Keep repeating *IT WILL ALL BE OKAY*

OH, and I am getting my camera back prolly by Thursday. All fixed, no cost to me!!!!


Feb. 7th, 2007 07:45 pm
From [livejournal.com profile] elegantdreams

All I want to know is Twelve things you passionately love.
I don't care if they are names I can't make reference to, colors, sounds, places you've been, moments you remember, a song in your head, a word, a touch, a flower you saw twenty years ago and can't forget, a letter someone wrote, your mom, your child, the idea of having a child, ... anything, everything... and please don't feel limited to 12... if you have 20, 50 or 100 I'll be more than overjoyed. And, if you don't want to post to "all of your friends" please simply hit "reply" and let me know.
I won't share, I won't repost, I won't abuse, negate, or say a damn thing about it.
I'm just feeling a bit blessed in some respects and down in others and would love the outpouring of what my friends find in life to love and sustain them.
Not a requirement, just a blessing I'd love to share. Please, if you can find the time... now hard is it to type out ten things you adore in life?
And, if I'm right by the people I've chose for friendship, perhaps you're reassess and truly appreciate that which you do love so much. Thank you ahead of time and I guarantee a formal thanks for anything that hits my inbox.

now the one thing i will change here is this, if you post to my journal, it will be public, I want to know what makes people happy, what they want and need and hope for in life, it makes me remember what life is all about, and I would love for everyone to share...however, if you feel OK telling me, and not the general public, email me at pandora.blue.girl@gmail.com, and just to be fair, I will add mine on here...


1. The beautiful life growing inside of me. Sometimes I think I am not ready, but if I waited until I was ready, would I ever have children?

2. My Mom, who gave up so much to keep me safe. She has been the person that I want to grow up to be.

3. Jonathan, who probably isn't feeling to much love coming from me right now, because of circumstances. Thank you for all of the love and kindness that you have and keep showing me (especially now).

4. My Paddywagon, which is the greatest sweetest cat. I am entirely too attached to him, and lately he has been feeling unloved as well.

5. Tori Amos, whose music changed my life. The passion that is expressed in her music makes my heart lift.

6. The color of blue that the sky turns right before the sun is completely gone. Between the indigo of the night sky, and the yellow of the setting sun. *sigh*

7. My true friends, that stick around no matter how shitty I treat them. I don't deserve their love, and yet I am so grateful for it.

8. Music in general. If it moves me, I am an instat fan. I can feel it in my veins, and wish that it would never stop.

9. Books. I love the way they feel in my hands, the way that they smell when you turn the pages, The way that you can lose yourself for a little while, and the real world ceases to exist.

10. The white sanded cove near Tampa Bay, FL. It was quiet and beautiful. Dolphins came within 20 feet of me and the water was so clear. It is my meditation space.

11. My collection of ceramic ducks. I have managed to get a beautiful collection, to the point that I don't have room for all of them. These aren't figurines, either. They are large (smallest about 12" long). I think my favorite is still my big green one that I got a few years ago from my mom.

12. Black Pearls. Not perfect round ones, but the ones that are slightly odd shaped. The warmth that they absorb from your body heat, and the way that they color shift in the light.

13. Gypsy Roses. They are an un-patented variety, but they make the most perfect big beautiful red blooms. I love roses of all kinds, but these are my favorite.

I will add more as I think of them...



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