The OMG Chocolate Cake that I posted last month or so at [ profile] ducks_asylum, makes craptastic cupcakes. They taste good, but they do not hold up as cupcakes.

Live and Learn...


Mar. 13th, 2010 09:54 pm
I just baked a fantastic chocolate cake. It is so good. The frosting was good too, but I kinda messed it up by tweaking it. I think next time I can tweak it to make it right again. Mom and I are weird about frosting. If it's too sweet, it ruins the entire experience. I cut the sugar and the liquid so that it wouldn't be too sweet, but I still managed to get too much liquid. It came out more as a thick chocolate sauce than a frosting. It was still good, but the cake... OMG THE CAKE!!!

I'll post the recipe to [ profile] ducks_asylum if anyone wants it.
We did our festivities today. Our holidays have always been an odd mishmash of things. My mom converted to Judaism before I was born. We always celebrated Hanukkah with my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Max up until I was in high school (they weren't married, weren't a couple, nor were they related to us, but they should have been all three). I honestly can't remember when we stopped. My grandmother, she lived with us, was Presbyterian, so we celebrated Christmas with her and Sarah's son, Sam, and his wife, Jenny. We usually did Christmas on Christmas Eve after driving around and looking at lights. I was sure this was done just to torture me. In the end, the gifts aren't what I remember most, it's the fun we all had as a family.

This year was not as grand as last year and the year before were, but to be honest, it didn't need to be. Little Human doesn't require a whole lot of stuff, being 2 and all. We all got stuff we knew were going to be loved.

Little Human got clothes, a ton of DVDs**, bath toys, crayons, finger paints, paper, toy cars, Mr. Potato Head *Bumble Spud*, puppets, rubber duckies ,and an awesome desk from his emergency parents, Matt and Melissa. His Grammy B sent a gorgeous new quilt for him, and he already loves it. If I can get my camera to cooperate, I will try to get pics!

Mom received a multi-station bird feeder she has been lusting after since summer, Dexter season 2 (FTW!!!), new slippers, and a coupla fancy chocolate bars (another part of the tradition). Usually she gets Godiva, but when money is a little tight, I find spiffy chocolate that isn't as expensive.

Jonathan got a book, Breaking Bad season 1, The *Awesomest* Transformer's Pajamas EVAR!!!, pocky- also a tradition, and a double Stargate dvd that he wanted. His birthday is the 27th, and I just found an awesome gift for him, but he will be getting it late.

I got good stuff!!! New stereo headphones, since I killed my last pair finally, the Tori Midwinter Graces CD, and I finally have a cast iron enameled dutch oven. *drool* *pant* I promise not to wet myself in excitement.

I have been wanting one for years. Now I get to experiment with it, and see what I can come up with. Most of the experimentation will prolly get posted to [ profile] ducks_asylum.

Mom is currently making us some Cornish game hens, which she does so well. I'll be making drop biscuits, green bean casserole, and corn pudding. Yummy food. Now if only I could get to feeling a little better!

**We don't just sit him in front of the TV and use it as a baby sitter, but it's nice to cuddle with him to watch Elmo, Snook, or some random movie we have. Half the time he pays no attention to what is on, anyway, unless it's Elmo.

Om nom nom

Nov. 7th, 2009 08:59 pm
pandorablue: (Food)
I could have eaten that entire pint of B&J Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch...

But I didn't.

In other news we appear to have all caught some flu. I hate to say it is H1N1, but Jonathan and LH both got regular flu vaccines, so unless it's a strain that wasn't covered in this years dose, I think it must be. It isn't as bad a flu as I have had in the past, but it's not fun.

We have been watching movies like crazy. We watched Sweeney Todd last night. I have owned it as part of my Johnny Depp collection since it was released on DVD, but hadn't watched it yet. I found it thoroughly enjoyable. Keep in mind that all I have ever known about it was the basic plot. I have nothing to compare the movie to. Either way, I enjoyed it.

I started to finally watch Coraline, but LH kept turning the DVD player off. I gave up. He appears to enjoy cartoons. He likes Wall-E and says his name over and over. He has Wall-E shoes, and he talks to them a lot. Transformers confuse him and he stands at the tv saying Wall-E. We told him that Wall-E would grow up to be a Transformer, but I don't think he believes us.

Daycare has really done wonders for his vocabulary. He talks a lot more. He hums and sings a lot, too. The other day, I heard him humming Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. He would say "Twinkle" at the right time, but not any of the other words. All birds are duckies and all four legged creatures are still puppies (much to the consternation of the cats). He says something that sounds like "dead cow" but I know that can't be what it is. He says it somewhat randomly, but in earnest. I know it means something to him. Sometimes I look at him and think (not say) "English, Mother Fucker, DO YOU SPEAK IT???" Then I giggle quietly to myself while determining what "dead cow" means.
pandorablue: (Food)
Brownie, right out of the oven, with all natural peanut butter and a little bit of chocolate ice cream on top. It was just what I was wanting, but I wish I done a little more ice cream since there wasn't enough of that warm and cold mix that I was going for.

Part of me wants to post this to [ profile] trashy_eats as well as my cheap ass broccoli cheese rice mix in a tortilla.

When my mom and I first moved to NM, money was way short. We would stock up on dry goods like the really cheap boxed broccoli cheese rice and tortillas. I got into this thing that *everything* could go into a tortilla, and that one kind of stuck. The other night Jonathan made cheesey rice and I instantly wanted a tortilla. I waited until he was at work the next day and had my fix then.

In other news, Little Human is having a reaction to the antibiotics. I don't think it's an actual allergy, but he has to go tomorrow to be seen by someone (ER...ugh). I swear, these last three weeks with him have been torturous for both of us.



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