Apr. 29th, 2010 08:46 pm
pandorablue: (Happiness)
Got the FAFSA to finally take. It only took me like 13 tries. It turns out that if you are already in the system, and had a PIN, you can't change it so something new. It changed all of my other information to match the current, but I didn't realize that it wasn't taking the new PIN. So, I kept trying to enter the new PIN and what it wanted was my old one. Once I figured that out, I breezed through... LOL. I R SLOW SOMETIMEZ


Apr. 19th, 2009 11:39 am
pandorablue: (Rawr!!!)
I am apparently having one of *those* days! I forgot that last night I changed my helix earring to a different type of hoop, and just reached up to play with it, and was a little freaked out that it wasn't my normal one. *sigh* Too bad I can't go back to bed...


Aug. 2nd, 2007 06:42 pm
I seem to be having a dumb day. I just turned on Yahoo IM to see if Jonathan was online. His computer is sitting in my dining room. So, unless he snuck in, is sitting in my dining room, and managed to re-connect the WiFi when I wasn't looking (it is sitting right in front of me), I am betting he is not online...


*feels stupid*


Jul. 31st, 2006 09:31 pm
I had a quiet sleepy day. Took a nap at The Rabbit Hole... I should have just stayed there until the rain let up a little. Could have gotten to know [livejournal.com profile] crrreature a little better. Whatever I did, I should not have driven home. It was entirely too wet, and deep to attempt it. Yet, I did, and I did make it home (eventually). I am not quite sure the car actually survived though. Guess I will find out tomorrow morning...

{EDIT}Car made it through the 2 foot deep puddle with no lasting problems. YAY ARTURO!!!
Gah. I have too much info floating around in there, and not enough room. I think I should stop for awhile. I am gonna go hide under a rock until my head empties out a little!


Dec. 13th, 2005 06:25 pm
Sometimes I am too stupid for my own good. I try to do something that I think will be nice, and it NEVER quite works out the way I expect it to. Then at the last minute there is always some scramble to make it right, even though there really is no way to make it right, and...
We decided to take a break. I hate it, but it needed to happen. I know that relationships take work, but I am working so hard at everything else, that I just couldn't give anymore. I keep thinking though that there should have been another way, and that if I just push harder, I can keep it going. I just don't know how.
I hate the idea that I have hurt someone that loves me, and that I love. Everything is just so fucked up. I know that I brought it on myself. I always do, and I don't know why I expected anything different this time. I'm no good at relationships, maybe I never will be. I think I should just stop trying. What is the point anyway? Any guy that comes my way that might remotely be good for me, I run off at an alarming rate of speed.
And, you know what? He told me that he's been thinking about it for a few weeks, and that it is probably the best thing. He's right. I'm no good for him. I'm no good for anyone. I quit. I can't keep getting my hopes up anymore. It isn't worth feeling like this. It always ends up feeling like this. I'm done.


Jul. 5th, 2005 06:23 pm
I feel kinda stupid today, because I miss J. Now let me explain here, We spent Sat & Sun night together. More than enough time. I should hardly be experiencing withdrawal symptoms at this point. This shouldn't be happening until next week, after he's been in Texas and I won't be physically able to see him until he returns. But, no, I miss him now. He snuggles really well. I may be able to see him some tomorrow, but that's then and this is now, and I still feel stupid!


Mar. 6th, 2005 05:44 pm
I somehow managed to frighten away a guy that isn't even mine. We were supposed to hang out today and he blew me off. I was really looking forward to it. I'm not exactly sure what I did. I didn't really want anything from him. Just to talk about life and his world right now (which has turned completely upside-down). I'm just a loser.
Then I call 3 other people trying to see if any of them wanted to do anything, and all of them were busy. I SUCK! Oh well. I will go sit in a corner and suck all by myself!

Hee, hee

Jan. 15th, 2005 10:12 pm
I somehow ending up always being the bridesmaid and never the bride! BUT, that's about to change *g*. For those of you who are wondering what the fuck I'm talking about, the only people who will understand this post are part of a bizarre threesome I'm in! I'm only posting because I've been ordered to. *Yes Mistress!* You know, this is the second time today I've been ordered to do something by someone I am sexually attracted to. Boy, I am way too submissive!
I have also been told I am a peach, and that I'm cuter than Holly (by Holly). Whatever! I think that I have finally lost my mind! Maybe the'll come to take me away soon! YIPPIE! WOOTY!!!



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