So installed the new Ram and everything appeared fine. Then yesterday the cpu started to get pretty hot, at least compared to the temp it had been running at. Then Rubber Ducky started acting all funky and I couldn't get the monitor to wake up after a reboot and I was just getting all pissed off.

Jonathan thought it was the RAM, and I was inclined to agree since everything had been fine before I put it in. We got the monitor to turn back on by doing a jumper reset and then we changed the voltage on the RAM in the BIOS hoping it would help alleviate the problem. We ran memtest, which the new RAM passed with no issue. All seemed well...

Then I fucked up something today and it froze. I shut it down and rebooted and the monitor shit started up again. We removed the new RAM and that did not fix the issue, which I kinda knew it wouldn't. We thought that maybe I needed to add another fan, which we cannibalized from an old comp that was sitting here. There were other possibilities thrown around, but I had already decided it was the video card.

See, I have been having some issues with my video card lately. I think it runs way too hot, and the fan doesn't always want to work. I have to manually start the fan sometimes with my finger or a tube from a can of compressed air. When I finally do get it to start, the temp inside my case will shoot up for a few minutes and then even out. Jonathan knew that this card was a hot running card, but up until now, it really hadn't been a huge problem.

Sure enough we take out the video card (thank you Deity for onboard graphics, even if they are shit), and all of my problems go away. No more shitty heat readings, freezes, blackouts... I knew that card was dying on me.

Now the awesome thing is that I was already getting a new card for a late Mommy's Day prezzie. The bad news is that I am not getting it until next week or the week after. The power supply should be here this week. I was pissed today that it got ordered now and not the graphics card, but realized that even if I had the card, it won't run on this supply. So, no awesome new programs that I just got and no new Sims 3 expansion, that I don't have and see no reason to get until I get my comp straightened out. I are sad Pandora :(

Anyway, I'll get pics of the power supply when it gets here, because it is made of awesome and win. The new Video card is pretty awesome, too, so there will be pics of it at some point. Plus Rubber Ducky is just kinda cute anyway, so I should get pics of him while I do all of these upgrades...


May. 26th, 2010 07:23 pm
RAM got here today and I got it in and am so happy!!!


May. 24th, 2010 10:01 pm
I got so sidetracked doing other stuff this morning that I didn't do my routine at all. I didn't do it Friday either. I need to make myself do it, even if I don't want to. Today wasn't a not wanting to do it day as much as a I have too much other stuff I need to do.

The memory I bought for Rubber Ducky should be here Wed. I am hoping to buy a new power supply on Friday and I am hoping the new video card will be here next week as well. I am holding off on the other modding stuff until a little later. First off is that I don't have the money to currently support my complete modding habit, and second, I don't really need it immediately. I do need the new power supply to run the video card. I needed the RAM just to have it, lol. I wanted to sleeve everything, add a couple of cathodes, switch out the molex connectors, and add some UV paint. That can all wait and I can do it over time.

Anyway, I've been kinda distracted lately, so I haven't been paying attention to much stuff going on here or FB, but I will be better :)
pandorablue: (Darby)
My baby and my mom's dog are having a whole conversation. Darby is *talking* to her, and Caramel is answering. It;s very cute.

Oh, and I am posting from Rubber Ducky which is my new PC (I am still a mac girl, but I need the PC for school). I built most of Rubber Ducky while Jonathan was at school, much to his surprise when he got home. I figured if I put it together and then let him double check me, there was only so much that could go wrong. Luckily I appear to have not screwed it up (at least not until I started installing drivers). Now I just have to get used to this keyboard and using something that is not an "idiot box" (as I have heard Macs being so fondly referred to). I still love my Mac best, though.

{EDIT}This may explain the driver problem I was having today:
Horoscope for January 15, 2008
This is not the day to do in-depth research of any kind, dear Capricorn, whether it's an intellectual subject or how to put together a new computer system. Your mind is not as focused as it usually is, and it might temporarily be difficult for you to grasp new concepts that you've never encountered before. This is no reflection on your intelligence - just one of those vague days we all have. By tomorrow, all should be normal again.


Dec. 17th, 2005 10:00 pm
I am updating from my new computer. YAY!!! Yes, it has taken me this long to get it out of the box. It was well worth the wait though! It seems so odd though, because the display seems HUGE. I like it. Now I just have to transfer some files, and download some drivers and I am all set. So HAPPY!
Love you all LOTS and LOTS!!
I forgot that I ordered a harddrive upgrade. They already installed it, so I can't cancel my order. I guess I am getting the computer anyway, too bad I won't have anyplace to put it!


Dec. 5th, 2005 07:40 pm
New iMac on the way!!! YAY!!!
Love you all, LOTS!!
I am going to be getting a new iMac G5. The credit came through, and it's mine, all MINE!!!!! YAY!!
I have been trying to get this done for the past few weeks, and considering my credit issues, I assumed the Apple would not finance me. I turned out (happily), to be wrong. YAY! Sooooooo, happy!

*Does a retarded happy dance of JOY*



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