To those who celebrate it:

Merry Christmas!

To everyone else: 


We did our festivities today. Our holidays have always been an odd mishmash of things. My mom converted to Judaism before I was born. We always celebrated Hanukkah with my Aunt Sarah and Uncle Max up until I was in high school (they weren't married, weren't a couple, nor were they related to us, but they should have been all three). I honestly can't remember when we stopped. My grandmother, she lived with us, was Presbyterian, so we celebrated Christmas with her and Sarah's son, Sam, and his wife, Jenny. We usually did Christmas on Christmas Eve after driving around and looking at lights. I was sure this was done just to torture me. In the end, the gifts aren't what I remember most, it's the fun we all had as a family.

This year was not as grand as last year and the year before were, but to be honest, it didn't need to be. Little Human doesn't require a whole lot of stuff, being 2 and all. We all got stuff we knew were going to be loved.

Little Human got clothes, a ton of DVDs**, bath toys, crayons, finger paints, paper, toy cars, Mr. Potato Head *Bumble Spud*, puppets, rubber duckies ,and an awesome desk from his emergency parents, Matt and Melissa. His Grammy B sent a gorgeous new quilt for him, and he already loves it. If I can get my camera to cooperate, I will try to get pics!

Mom received a multi-station bird feeder she has been lusting after since summer, Dexter season 2 (FTW!!!), new slippers, and a coupla fancy chocolate bars (another part of the tradition). Usually she gets Godiva, but when money is a little tight, I find spiffy chocolate that isn't as expensive.

Jonathan got a book, Breaking Bad season 1, The *Awesomest* Transformer's Pajamas EVAR!!!, pocky- also a tradition, and a double Stargate dvd that he wanted. His birthday is the 27th, and I just found an awesome gift for him, but he will be getting it late.

I got good stuff!!! New stereo headphones, since I killed my last pair finally, the Tori Midwinter Graces CD, and I finally have a cast iron enameled dutch oven. *drool* *pant* I promise not to wet myself in excitement.

I have been wanting one for years. Now I get to experiment with it, and see what I can come up with. Most of the experimentation will prolly get posted to [ profile] ducks_asylum.

Mom is currently making us some Cornish game hens, which she does so well. I'll be making drop biscuits, green bean casserole, and corn pudding. Yummy food. Now if only I could get to feeling a little better!

**We don't just sit him in front of the TV and use it as a baby sitter, but it's nice to cuddle with him to watch Elmo, Snook, or some random movie we have. Half the time he pays no attention to what is on, anyway, unless it's Elmo.
Schweddy Balls (NSFW in case anyone here has not seen this, which would be odd...)

Also, we have lost our copy of Lethal Weapon. I'm saddened by this since it is one of our Christmas movie traditions. Maybe I can find it this evening after visiting Matt, Melissa, and Corrie.


Dec. 24th, 2008 09:39 pm
pandorablue: (roses)
I am slightly obsessed with the NORAD Santa Tracker. I don't know why. All I do know is that his flight pattern makes no sense whatsoever and am fascinated about where they will put him next. Please take my internets away now?

Also, i got lazy and watched Polar Express when I should have been making pumpkin cheesecake. Now I have to do it in the morning and I have to go drown my turkey. *sigh* The things we do for yummy food.


Dec. 21st, 2008 09:50 am
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I got a random fact and a cute magnet in the mail. I feel lurved!

{EDIT} Also, Walmart has started carrying Tastykake. Now, most people aren't going to give a crap about this, but mom and I are in piggy heaven. One of the few things we missed about the east coast. Yummmmm...


Dec. 11th, 2008 01:42 pm
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I feel bad for Jonathan and his mom. He told her to get us a Wii Fit for Christmas, which she did. I was not supposed to know about this, however the box came yesterday with a big sticker on one side telling me what it was. I made him promise not to tell her. Apparently she had a lot of problems placing her order anyway, and I think this might just send her over an edge. I just feel bad. I felt bad for Jonathan too because he wanted it to be a surprise.

I am ever grateful, though, because I thought I would have to wait to get one. Now I don't! There is also a big old box here from her. I am pretty sure that is stuff for the Little Human, but he won't let me open it.

I am almost done shopping. I have a few other little things to get, and I do need to stop by B&N tomorrow to pick up Matt's book. Thanks to everyone that came up with an idea.

Also, my turn for the tree thingy!

Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at

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I need some help. I am trying to figure out the perfect book to get for my friend's boyfriend (the couple are Dub's God Parents). He's like 30ish, slightly non computer geeky, enjoys reading things that challenge the mind a little. I am having the hardest time. I guess it is mostly because the last few books I have read are mostly fluff. I know I have some good literary geeky friends.

What do you recommend?
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, pandora069 sent to me...
Twelve rainbows laughing
Eleven ravens reading
Ten dolphins a-crying
Nine cemeteries cooking
Eight trees a-dreaming
Seven crystals a-lightening
Six movies a-decorating
Five cro-o-o-ows
Four thunderstorms
Three ducks
Two new orleans
...and a moon in a beauty.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Also, chicken ginger noodle soup is yummy.
Or whatever holiday you celebrate. I got your card, Deb. THANK YOU!!!!
I love you all a ton.


Dec. 25th, 2004 07:11 pm
I had a lot of fun today. Went to Nikki's Aunt Dori's house. Everyone worth being around was there. Deborah, Kimmy, Jan, Kelly, Tony & his kinda creepy girlfriend, Meladee and her mom, Bernie and Roxanne (and one of their kids), Glyn (Glen?), Cary (for a while). Yummy, good food! It has turned out that my mom is the adoptive mom to all of the little gothlings. Doomfrog already calls her mom, and she now wants to adopt Kim! So, Kim, if you read this my mom wasn't staring at you because she's creepy, you just fascinate her. She also decided that it's funny that Nikki and I hang out with all of these really tall women, and we're , well, not! I mean, Kim's tall, and Mel is tall. Deb is even a bit taller than us. It is kinda funny.
I thought it was kinda cute, because as everyone came in, they all looked at me like "Gee, I didn't get her anything" which is good since I didn"t get any of them anything either!! (Sorry) Decided today that I kinda have a teeny crush on someone, but will NEVER EVER do anything about it! Kinda retarded really!
Anyway, I had a really good time today. Maybe now that I am getting out from under this house I can go do stuff with these people. I am gonna go to the club for my B-Day on Jan 6! I am so excited. I haven't been to the club since my birthday last year.



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