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It seems like everything that I try to do here goes to hell.

We wanted to replace the front door latch on the screen door. 3 hours later the latch is on, but doesn't work.

The master bath shower leaks.

There were mice, but I think they left when we moved in, but it now involves copious amounts of lysol and vacuuming and steel wool.

The stove had to be converted to run on LP gas instead of Natural. Jonathan broke one of the screws to do it off in the stove (he got it out), but now we have to get another kit.

And then the real fun begins. The washing machine decided to explode water all over the laundry room on Sunday. I spent most of the day sitting on soggy towels while attempting to dry the damn thing out. The Maytag repairman will be here today between the hours of 1 and 5 (can we be less specific?). I don't think I will ever do laundry again...

It has to get better, right? RIGHT???


Apr. 30th, 2009 02:42 pm
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In which I grumble and moan )

That feels better, and that is all...

Of course,

Apr. 20th, 2009 09:26 pm
The CD i want to rip is in the bedroom, in my loud ass freakin' stereo while the baby is asleep. It's not so much that it is loud in terms of sound (which it is) but I am not sure which tray it is in, and the trays make a lot of noise when you have to shuffle through them (which I do, since I have no idea which tray Poison is currently in). *sigh*
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I hate signing onto Myspace and seeing that I have like 23 messages. I know maybe two people out of those 23. They are either guys here trying to *hookup* or spam women wanting God knows what (the women I ignore, the men I generally ask if it is possible if they are my baby daddy, since I am drunk all the time and don't remember all these guys that I meet (which is of course, totally untrue)).
Then the people actually do know me on Myspace wonder why I am never on anymore. And then I try to get them to move here or Facebook, and they all have reasons why they won't. I don't get spammed on FB or hit on. I don't mind getting hit on by guys with half a brain cell, but geez, people... *Hey, u look like u no how 2 have a good time, wanna go 2 a party?* Sure dude I have never met, lemme just tell Boyfriend that he has to watch the kiddo tonight while I go hookup with a random guy. I'm sure that would go over so well. *snerk*
Give me a good reason to stay on Myspace... someone? anyone?

{EDIT} Must add gratuitous cat macro:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Apr. 17th, 2009 09:28 am
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I haven't posted about this yet, but I need to. I desperately need to lose weight. I am not talking about 10 pounds here, more like 50. I can't believe I let myself go like this. Before I had Little Human, I wasn't my ideal weight, but I was 60 lbs lighter than I am now. After I had Little Human, I went right back to that weight. I was so happy. But, I had quit my job and oddly enough that was my form of exercise. Once that went away I got fat. I had changed my diet a few months before I got pregnant, and that hasn't changed much, so I know it is the lack of exercise. I am not asking for advice. I am just throwing it out there, in the hopes that the fact that I am finally admitting it will make me actually do something about it.

Wii Fit and Nordic Track and Yoga time!!!


Mar. 6th, 2009 05:34 pm
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The little thunk-thunk noise that the car started to make after I got it back was a little annoying. I spent the last few days thinking that it was my back brakes which desperately needed to be replaced. We were doing that today, so no biggie. thunk-thunk...

Motor mounts were shot. This means that the innocuous thunk-thunk was actually the sound of my engine shifting every time I accelerated. It was still attached to the rest of the car by the transmission, but that opens up a whole other group of problems that could have gone wrong had I not gotten it looked at sooner rather than later. thunk-thunk...

Now the nice THUNK-THUNK that started after I got the car back from brakes, and motor mounts, and general maintenance, the THUNK-THUNK that felt as if a major part of the car was going to fall off, y'know what that was?

Three loose bolts on the struts. A little tightening, and all was well.

I think it is hilarious that three loose bolts makes a hell of a lot more noise than the sound of MY ENGINE IS NOT ATTACHED TO THE CAR!!!!!
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This pisses me off...


Jan. 15th, 2009 03:29 pm
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My hot water heater has decided we don't need hot water anymore. I discovered this attempting to take a shower before I get ready for work. Unpleasantness ensued. I took this shower, but OMG.

I am crossing my fingers that the pilot just blew out again... I hope the pilot just blew out again. *sigh*


Dec. 10th, 2008 02:44 pm
Bad_Service has been hacked. I am getting really fucking tired of this.
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Let's see. I went to K & J's wedding. She looked like a fairy princess brought to life. The dress was to die for and her in it, oh yes. J was adorable, although he looked dazed for a lot of the day. I was happy that K smiled throughout the day and night. It was a beautiful wedding.

In which I bitch and moan...A LOT )


May. 5th, 2008 09:49 am
Jonathan is making me get the car fixed whether we can really afford it or not. I should have a fully operational car by this afternoon or tomorrow. The control module needs to be replaced. I still don't think we can afford it, but to be honest, not having a car is making me nuts.
More car crap )


May. 1st, 2008 10:20 am
Mechanic out of business, just like I feared. Now I have a new recommendation, however, I have to talk to people now and I don't wanna. Why can't Arturo be self-repairing?
I was told on Saturday by a tow truck driver that my mechanic had gone out of business. Luckily Jonathan decided to stop by and see if there was anything there. Family emergency. They will be back on Wednesday. I really didn't want to have to hunt down a new mechanic. I trust these guys and they don't try to fuck me over when I go to them. Now I hope that they can get me set back up in my lifetime!

This is a bad week for this to happen. I really didn't want to have this lovely added stress when I am going to start a new job. I just didn't need this.


Apr. 26th, 2008 06:07 pm
Arturo decided to stop running while I was driving home on Gibson today.

They delivered my new couch today.
It was supposed to be here on Friday.
That is not a problem.
We were not home.
That is not even a problem.
They threw it over a 4 1/2 ft. adobe wall and onto my garden with a bunch of stuff that was blooming.


Oct. 25th, 2007 12:26 pm
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Ranting Mommy Ahead... )


Jul. 2nd, 2007 05:41 pm
I do have diabetes, which my midwife thinks will go away, but I don't get to see my midwife anymore. I have to see a doctor, because of the complications associated with the diabetes. It just bugs me, because I really like my midwife, and now I have to start all over. The only good thing is that I only have 9 weeks left, so I won't have to deal with the new person for too long.

In other news, I am going to quit my job. I am putting in my resignation on Thursday, and my last day of work is going to be July 14. I know it's not 2 weeks, but in the employee manual, they only ask for one week, and at this point I hate it there so much that I can't wait to get away. I have been informed that I am not allowed to sit down under any circumstances. That is not a possbility at this point. I am 7 months pregnant, and I need to sit down during the day.
I am absolutely terrified to quit, but I just can't stay. I talked to them about going down to part-time until the baby gets here, and I was told that I could do that, but I would lose all of my accumulated vacation and sick days (not to mention the benefits that are useless to me), even if I came back full time after the baby came. I would have to start over. I have been there 8 years. I have been there longer than any other current employee (including the 2 that were promoted above me). This is how they reward you for sticking around.

Also, my fridge has decided it doesn't like to be cold anymore. I thought I had fixed it, but apparently not. The freezer side stays cold enough to keep the normal fridge stuff cold, but not to freeze anything, and the normal fridge side does not stay cold anymore. I will have someone out to look at it. It never ends. Got my brakes fixed Saturday and was informed (and shown) that all four of my fuel injectors are leaking. I knew something was leaking, but... *sigh*
Anyone know anyone else that might want to buy a 1994 Subaru Loyale station wagon? The chick who was going to buy it backed out. It has a couple of issues, nothing horribly major. It's a great car, we just don't need it anymore. Mom doesn't drive much, and I love my car too much.


It was worth a shot.
Apparently when I registered and insured my car in January, the insurance company fucked up my VIN number, so not only have I been driving around with no insurance really, because without a valid VIN number, they consider that the car doesn't actually exist, so there isn't anything to insure, but I also have no registration, for the same reason. Isn't that really fucking cute?
I now have to go back to MVD and pay them money to renew my registration, even though I didn't create the original fuck-up. I especially like the part where the insurance company has been taking my money every month, and had I actually gotten into an accident, I would've had no insurance. That's my favorite part. Yes...

{EDIT} I discovered today, when I called, that I would have to deal with this problem with the state MVD office in Santa Fe. I can't do it at one of the offices here. How fucking nice...



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