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I really just don't get it. I don't get what makes me special to the people I have been with in the past. Even a few of my guy friends that I wasn't ever in a romantic relationship with previously have told me that they wanted to be. Almost all of them came looking for me and not the other way around. It's almost a running joke around here, because they have been crawling out of the woodwork lately.

I really don't get it though. I'm not that exceptional. I'm cute, I guess, but not really what would be considered "pretty". I think I'm fairly intelligent, but there are much smarter and more attractive women. I really don't understand what it is. I have one guy friend that I feel comfortable enough to ask him why, but that doesn't answer for any of the others and I don't know how to ask without them thinking I am asking for reasons other than honest curiosity.

This is really not a "validate me PLEASE" post. Just thoughts that have been rolling around since the other night. I just don't get it.

Date: 2011-01-28 02:50 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
You have the hallmarks of being a muse. When you are happy, it infects all those around you. It has something to do with the passions that run deep within your soul. The way you can turn such mundane events into a story we will happily listen for hours. You are gorgeous, neigh HOT, when you want to be but still awfully cute even when that is the last thing you feel. You are very intelligent and can hold your own on many topics. By having a smart coversation, it makes us feel smarter for just having known you. You make those around you want to help you expand your world and take us along for that magical ride. There seems to be a spark of true soulfire kindling beneath the surface that seemingly may burst forth at any moment when the moons align and the time is right. It is something we wish to witness. I really can't speak for the others, but that is my feelings on the matter.



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